(Interim) Management, Consultancy, Development, Testing, Auditing, Implementation & Support

System integration/structuring, migration, support and lifecycle management of ICT infrastructures

Vendors: Microsoft, VmWare, Novell, Symantec, Commvault, Veeam, APC, Cisco, HP, Dell, NexGen, NetApp

Technologies: Switching, Routing, Remote Access, Token/Biometrie authentication, Firewalls, SAN/NAS (NFS, iSCSI & FC), Server based Computing (Citrix/XenApp & Microsoft Terminal Server)

OS/Hypervisor: Windows, VmWare, Linux, Novell

Management/Projects: Migrations, (Functional/Technical & re-) Design, Licensing, Technical Education, Documentation and Reporting, Planning, Auditing

(Licensed) Products: Loginscript Processor & Unattended installation Framework for ALL currently supported Windows Operating Systems

Software/Programming: CMD, Powershell, AutoIT, VB6, VB.Net Scripting